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3D Mesh ROI

by Alexandre Dufour

SDK for 3D ROI creation and manipulation using polygonal (surface) and polyhedral (volume) meshes.

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Tags: 3-D - roi


This library provides the two major types of mesh representation:

  • Polygonal meshes (defining the region via its surface, see ROI3DPolygonalMesh)
  • Polyhederal meshes (defining the region by its interior, see ROI3DPolyhedralMesh)

The VTK library provided with Icy already contains all the necessary tools to manipulate and visualize 3D data sets, yet its low-levelness can be complex for beginners, while potential bugs caused in the C++ back-end may cause the entire application to crash instead of generating elegant bug reports. The main benefits of this library are listed below:

  • Intermediate Java API, much simpler to use than the VTK back-end
  • Native integration with Icy's Sequence / Viewer / ROI system
  • Eliminates most of the boiler-plate to simplify user code as much as possible