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Krittalak Chakrabandhu
20 Mar 2016 22:06
Just wonderful. Really useful. Thanks a lot for the update to make the crosshair invisible.
21 Dec 2014 23:39
Very useful thx for the screenshot update
Fabrice de Chaumont
26 Feb 2013 18:38
Very cool, but one cannot draw ROI with this representation :(
29 Jan 2013 12:24
Thanks for the plugin.
If I could make a suggestion for improvement it would be to add lines showing the z position of the slice in the yz and xz side views.
I'm using the slice traveller plugin at the minute but that doesn't match the standard way this style of data is presented in the literature.

3D OrthoViewer

by Alexandre Dufour

View 3D data in three orientations simultaneously (XY, YZ, XZ)

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This plug-in allows orthogonal views of 3D imaging data (time lapse or not).

To activate this view mode, select the "Orthoviewer" logo in the viewer window (in the dropdown list that defaults to "2D" mode). Note that colormaps are the same as in the default 2D view, but can be likewise adjusted from the inspector panel.

Once in orthogonal view mode, a crosshair will indicate the correspondence of the current position in all views simultaneously. You may click and drag the mouse around in any of the views to drag the crosshair around and adjust all other views in real-time. In case the 3D data has a different spatial resolution in the Z axis, the size of the side views and the thickness of the crosshair will automatically adjust to visually represent this resolution gap.