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21 Jan 2014 20:55
It works really well since the last updates..If it would have additional features as rotate in different directions and around other axis it would definitely be worth 5 stars.
20 Nov 2013 10:34
The plugin works smoothly on my system (W7, 64 bits, Icy So smoothly that it would be great to add additional features, as the possibility to define the start and stop angles (not to be limited to a full 360°rotation), direction of rotation (to do back and forth for instance), as well as the ability to chain rotations around the 3 axis.
24 Jun 2013 18:06
This plugin crashes on Windows or Linux after only a few angular displacements. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. I'm using the very latest version of Icy on a 64-bit system. Thanks.
Sam Lord
09 Mar 2013 02:17
This plugin works very well ... most of the time. I couldn't fully recreate the problem every time, but sometimes the resulting stack/movie was very jumpy. I think it helped to disconnect the original 3d rendering from the Icy window. But when it worked, the result was beautiful.

3D Rotation

by Alexandre Dufour

Takes the active 3D VTK viewer and records a 360-degree rotation of the data into a video sequence.

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Tags: 3-D - video - ezplug


The 3D Rotation plug-in allows you to record a 360 degree rotation of the current focused 3D VTK viewer about the vertical screen axis.

The 'angle step' parameter indicates the deviation in degrees between two consecutive snapshots. Increasing the angle will increase rotation speed (up to a point where it might look like jumping more than rotating) and reduce the final movie length.

2013-03 update: As Sam Lord suggests, the VTK viewer runs a bit faster when it is detached from the main Icy window (or if you run Icy in detached mode).

2013-11 update: As of Icy 1.4, the code used for rendering and capturing the video has been upgraded, therefore there is no more 'pause time' parameter (the rendering now goes as fast as the computer possibly can).