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Anisotropy profiler

by Thibault Lagache

This plugin measures the percentage of elongated spots in a sequence.

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This plugin can be used to quantify the percentage of "elongated" (not round) objects in an image.


1-Objects (spots) must be first segmented with Spot detector.

2- User must specify a shape descriptor of the spots:

Circularity criterion=4*pi*Area/(Perimeter^2),


Morton criterion=Area/(Length of the principal axis)4

3-User must also specify a threshold (T)

4-The plugin then computes the percentage of "elongated" objects (spots) whose shape criterion (Circularity or Morton) is below T (Circularity criterion T=1 for perfectly round objects and T tends to 0 for very elongated objects)

 5-These quantitative informations can be exported in an Xls file