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12 Jul 2015 02:59
This block is particularly convenient to extract receptor clusters after spot detector in protocol. This is the only plugin allowing filtering by size and it is really powerfull.
Stephane Dallongeville
17 May 2013 11:32
Very nice plugin, almost perfect ;)
It would be very nice to have an automatic mode (default) :
compute the histogram and extracts values different from the largest bean.
Also i would have seen the ROI as the default export format but i guess that is a matter of taste ;)
Thomas Provoost
09 Feb 2012 13:25
Algorithm fully commented, it's a pleasure to read your code.

Connected Components

by Alexandre Dufour

This plugin extracts groups of connected pixels in 2D and 3D based on their intensity and that of the background. Works on both binary and gray-scale data. Output can be pushed to the swimming pool for other plug-ins to further exploit the extracted objects.

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This plugin is outdated and has been superseded by the "Label Extractor" plugin.