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13 Oct 2013 02:16
Make the action more efficient and faster, but it seems to be sometimes in conflict with previous commands (for example to edit ROI spots).
Fabrice de Chaumont
27 Feb 2013 10:34
Great plugin !
11 Jun 2012 18:10
Great plugin!
nevertheless, some issues need to be solved:
- when you performed several copy/paste on several differents images. Sometimes, it paste not the last ROI you copied, but an another one. And you need to close ALL your pictures, to make this works again....too bad.

Context Menu

by Thomas Provoost

The right click on sequences and ROIs will open a menu with various features, such as image and ROI copy, data conversion and extraction. See documentation for more information.

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Tags: daemon - tools



  • on sequences:
    • Copy: will copy the current image depending on the option below:
      • Copy Channel:
        Copy a specific channel of the sequence only
      • Copy Image Only:
        Copy the rendered image with all its channels
      • Copy Snapshot:
        Copy the rendered Image as seen
      • Copy Painter:
        Copy only a specific painter / overlay, very useful when specific plugins display results as painters / overlays. You have the possibility to copy all painters or a specific
    • Paste:
      • Image:
        Paste the previously copied Image (if any). After pasted, the image can be moved and stretched both vertically and horizontally with the corners
      • ROI:
        Paste the previously copied ROI (if any)
    • Painters
      All "ContextualPainter compatible" painters will be displayed in this menu.
    • Convert
      Convert the whole sequence into another type of data.  Choose the selected data in the sub menu. Same effect as the one in the ribbon "Sequence / Image operation".
    • Extract: 
      • Channel: extract a specific channel
      • Current Image: extract only the current image
      • Z stack: extract the Z-Stack (all slices)
      • T stack : extract the time for current slice
    • Snapshot:
      Perform a snapshot of the sequence, which means creates a sequence with the same amount of slices and time, but with the rendered image (with painters, to remove all painters, please hit "L" key). The size of the snapshot depends on the submenu: Current Size will take into account the zoom, Default Size no.
    • Duplicate:
      Duplicates the data into another sequence.
  • on ROIs:
    • Crop:
      This will perform a crop on the sequence: it copies the data inside the ROI and creates a new sequence from it. Depending on the type of ROI, you may have to choose whether if you want the bounding box of the ROI or only the ROI.
    • Copy:
      Copy the ROI.