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Yoann Le Montagner
06 Mar 2013 17:37
Amazing library for plugin developers.
Fabrice de Chaumont
27 Feb 2013 16:45
Best tool to create interface in a few minutes ! Compatible with protocols !
Thomas Provoost
27 Feb 2013 11:12
As a developer, making nice interfaces in Java is very complicated. With this plugin, it's just amazing how fast you can build it. Keep continuing!

EzPlug SDK

by Alexandre Dufour

The swiss army knife of plugin developers. Automatically generates elegant graphical interfaces with rich and intuitive user interaction based on your algorithm's parameters.

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Tags: library - gui - ezplug - SDK


The EzPlug library is meant to help developers write plug-ins fast and efficiently, i.e. focusing on the major aspect of the work ("the main code") and leaving aside tedious aspects such as GUI design for parameter input and threading issues.

In more details:

Using a small set of methods (see tutorial below), EzPlug lets developers create nice-looking plug-ins, without any necessary knowledge in GUI programming. These methods allow to declare a number of parameters of various types (booleans, numbers, enumerations, arrays, etc.), each of which embarks a ready-to-use GUI component that automatically shows up in the interface at run-time. The main execution code runs in a background thread (no more nasty GUI hangs). Other convenience methods allow the developer to support a "stop" button (that automatically appears on the interface if supported), as well as the built-in functionality to save/load parameters to/from an xml file on disk.

More than just words, here's how that works:

  • The API (javadoc) is accessible here
  • Below is a tutorial code which you can directly copy-paste and use to try out most of EzPlug's features. The code below should generate a graphical interface very close to the following screenshot (which you can also try out of the box via the EzPlug Tutorial plug-in)

Plugin written with the EzPlug library

Happy (at last !) coding !