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William Meiniel
28 Apr 2014 12:57
Usefull plugin. More parameters would be great though :
- Threshold to have a better view of the low valued coefficients
- Abs, Log, etc functions

Fast Fourier Transform

by Praveen Pankajakshan

Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) for 2D/3D images

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This plugin computes the Fourier Transform of images. The transform operates on the spatial axes, not the temporal axis. It can be either 2D (x and y axes) or 3D (x, y and z axes).

The output is a sequence with two channels, which are either Magnitude/Phase or Real/Imaginary.

The plugin can swap quadrants so that the zero frequency appears at the center of the output image.
The plugin works on image of all sizes (not restricted to sizes of 2^n.

The underlying FFT routines are provided by the JTransforms library.