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Flow Display

by Timothée Lecomte

This plugin provides a painter to visualize 2D flows.

2D Flows are couples of two sequences, one for the horizontal displacements, the other for the vertical displacements. This plugin provides a painter that draws flow arrows on top of another sequence.

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This plugin draws a vector plot from two component sequences. It takes two input sequences containing respectively the horizontal and vertical components of a vector quantity on a 2D domain, and dsiplays the vector field with a set of arrows.


Open the Flow Display plugin:


Open 3 sequences:

  • one where you want the flow to be overlaid. Use it as the "Cover Sequence".
  • two for the components of the vector data: one for the horizontal component, one for the vertical component. Use them as the "ux Sequence" and "uy Sequence", respcetively.


Choose the density of arrows that you would like to display with the "Pixels between neighbour flow arrows" input box.

You can ask the plugin to hide the very small arrows (otherwise they will appear as small dots).

Finally, the "Remove previous flow painters" box can be unchecked if you want to display several vector quantities on the same image. Each painter will then appear as an individual layer that can be hidden or deleted in the "Layer" pane of Icy. By default, the previous vector flow is replaced by the one currently processed.