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Fabrice de Chaumont
14 Oct 2013 17:28
Cool plugin ! Pretty cool to play star wars in a 3D sample !
03 Jul 2013 16:33
Love it!

Flying Camera

by Thomas Provoost

Layer for the 3D Viewer, allowing the user to move the camera in a more intuitive way.

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This plugin adds a layer onto the image, only usable in 3d. The camera control will completly change to the famous WASD system, mostly used in the video game industry. Also known as FlyCam or FlyingCam.

Click once to get the focus on the viewer, click again to lose the focus. You will see the cursor disappear or reappear when you have or not the focus.

When you are in focus, the movements are the following: 

W: Move Forward  - Mouse Wheel 
S: Move Backward - Mouse Wheel
A: Move Left
D: Move Right
C: Move Up
V: Move Down

If you are not comfortable with those shortcuts, you can edit them with the FlyCam Properties window, that appears at the same time you run the plugin. Hit Space Bar if you want to reset the view.