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Northwestern University
15 Jul 2014 18:20
Great plugin that will be invaluable in the development of tracking software. Thank you very much!

A few bigs/suggestions:
- If user does not chose a save folder, plugin should prompt for one. Currently it crashes [bug].
- SNR values should be allowed to be non-integers [bug?]
- filenames should include param values and not relative terms such as "low" or "high"
- filenames should avoid use of white spaces
- user should be allowed to save a multitiff single file.

Harder additions that would be nice:
- change brightness of particles
- change diffusion constant
- addition of diffraction “rings” around a particle, to better simulate wide field PSF
- inhomogeneous background intensity

ISBI Challenge tracking benchmark generator

by Fabrice de Chaumont

Compute a whole benchmark with all scenarios

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