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University of Vienna MFPL
13 Oct 2016 11:16
Nice counter, but it would be nice to have the counts in a separate window. Also, it would be nice to be able to save the counting data to an excel sheet. Finally, I can't figure out how to turn off the counting once I've started. Maybe there could be a window with stop/start/reset and save buttons?
22 Dec 2015 16:12
It is a great plugin but some functions miss.
I am 100% sure to convince biologists to use ICY when "Counting Manual" will have exactly the same functionalities as the ImageJ / Fiji "Cell Counter".
16 Oct 2015 18:27
A very handy plugin! I would really like a simple reset button to clear the counter and start over. Individual counter numbers for each color of marker would be a nice addition as well.
29 Sep 2015 17:19
For 2D is fantastic! Great tool!
Alexandre Dufour
24 Jun 2014 17:58
great but does not keep Z info ;)

Manual Counting

by Fabrice de Chaumont

Interactive counter.
Click on the sequence to add detection, see number of detection in ROIs directly over the sequence.

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This plugin is an helper, designed to help you counting objects that we can't find automaticaly

  • To add a point, just click where you want to create the detection. This will be a ROI named 'detect'
  • To remove a point, right click on it.

On the sequence, you will see in the hand top-left corner:

  • Total number of detection
  • And for each ROI, its surface in pixels and in scaled unit. (micrometer, millimeters...), and the number of detection contained in it.