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Matlab blocks

by Yoann Le Montagner

Import and export Icy sequences into Matlab .mat files within protocols.

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This plugin provides some tools to import and export Icy sequences into Matlab native .mat files from the protocol framework provided by the Blocks plugin.

To interact with Matlab .mat files, three main blocks are packaged with this plugin:

  • MatlabDiscovererBlock : list all the variables contained in a Matlab .mat file, and return their names,
  • MatlabImporterBlock : import one of the variable contained in a Matlab .mat file as a sequence,
  • MatlabExporterBlock : export a sequence into a Matlab .mat file.

The plugin provides also a DimensionMappingBlock which can be used to create a DimensionMapping object; these objects describe how to perform conversion between Matlab nD arrays and Icy 5D sequences (see the documentation of the Matlab IO plugin for more details).

To work with Matlab .mat files from Icy without the framework proposed by the Blocks plugin, please consider using the Matlab importer and Matlab exporter plugins.