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William Meiniel
06 May 2014 11:16
Great !
Thomas Provoost
27 Feb 2013 11:00
Amazing tool, just the best to use the performances of Icy and the features of Matlab at the same time.

Matlab communicator

by Yoann Le Montagner

Low-level functions for interactive communication between Icy and Matlab.

To use this plugin, you have to configure your Matlab application in a specific way: please have a look to the install instructions in the icy_init.m file located in the /path/to/Icy/plugins/ylemontag/matlabcommunicator directory.

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Tags: Matlab - library


This plugin provides low-level tools needed to execute some functions on Icy from a Matlab application. The Matlab X server plugin, which turns Icy into an image/video/sequence viewer for Matlab, is a typical example of what can be done with Matlab communicator.


In addition to the usual Icy install procedure, you have to configure your Matlab application in a specific way in order to be able to use this plugin. In particular, the following commands must be executed each time you start Matlab:
>> addpath('/path/to/Icy/plugins/ylemontag/matlabcommunicator');
>> icy_init();

This operation can be done automatically using a startup.m file (please consult the Matlab documentation for more details).

Please note that these instructions are also mentioned in the icy_init.m file located in the /path/to/Icy/plugins/ylemontag/matlabcommunicator directory.

Special note for the users of the Matlab X server plugin

For historical reasons, up to version, the Matlab X server plugin used to incorporate the low-level communication functions that are now provided by the current plugin. In that respect, there used to be a specific install procedure for the Matlab X server plugin too, but this former procedure is now deprecated.

However, as it depends now on the current plugin, users of the Matlab X server plugin must now follow the install procedure described above.