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05 Mar 2013 21:45
This is a great piece of software from a competent, reactive, and helpful developer. It offers the potential to combine a rich ethological approach with a semi-automated and efficient one, to study subtle aspects of animal social behavior that are impossible to study reliably with human hand-scoring. They accomplish this by implementing sophisticated techniques that solve the main problem inherent in multiple animal-tracking, disambiguating animals once they've made physical contact. In addition, the user is able to make manual corrections when the program goes off course. I especially appreciate the ability to track multiple animals without having to tag or label the animals in a way that may influence their behavior. And I'm particularly excited to study the very 'social' things that occur outside of physical contact; this opens a big, new door in the study of social behavior in animals. Overall, a very important advance.
A couple suggested additions:
- Ability to parse data by ROI. This would be useful in social preference paradigms, for ex, in which different animals are confined to different compartments in a single test apparatus. (although running a session in each ROI will accomplish this, I believe)
- Ability to report the 'distance traveled'. This would be useful since we often have to consider whether changes in general arousal or activity account for effects we label as 'social'.
23 Jan 2013 19:12
Hi, this is a really nice work, at least in the video test, because I cannot load mine, encoded in MPG. I could not find any information about this format in xuggler website, do you know any software to convert videos in a good format ??
Thank you in advance for any help
01 Jun 2012 18:39
Very Nice work, improved by a very reactive programer's team!
However, some little thing could be adds:
- Shortcut's keyboard for exemple....
27 Apr 2012 20:46
Software looks really promising. However I have had issues installing. Sorry in advance if this is not the right forum for reporting bugs.

On Mac I cannot load video - I'll wait for the new loader on May 15.

Mice Profiler Tracker

by Fabrice de Chaumont

Mice Profiler tracks multiple mice from a top view video.

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Tags: tracking - mice


The version of MiceProfiler provided by Nature methods does not contain the automatic updater. If you downloaded MiceProfiler from Nature methods, you are running an old version. Please uninstall and reinstall the plugin to get the last version.

For test purposes, you can use this video file.

Tutorial about this software:


Here is another example showing the supervised tracking:

With the corresponding results extracted from the plugins VideoLabelMaker and Label Analyser (for the temporal graph)

As a number of people had trouble loading video sequences because of the codec and 32 bit stuff. I had release by the 15 May 2012 a new version with a completely new video file loader called xuggler, that is faster, and able to work in 64bits. Please look at the xuggler website for supported video codecs (basically FFMPEG). If you have trouble with your video please use the following softwares to convert it:

  • (use custom install to avoid toolbars and advert-stuff)
  • SUPER (but I highly don't recommend it since it installs a lot of adware that you can't avoid on you computer.)
  • The software you like (send me the link I will add it to this list !)

Last note about video: do not use HD video. The software has originaly been designed for 384x288 video. Still it's ok to use 640x480 videos but you should not exceed this. Else the loader will be slow and the tracking will be impacted. The day I find a proper frame-per-frame loader in java I will update to support HD file, even 4K if needed ! (If anybody knows a proper lib, contact me !)


New: shortcuts: (thanks to Sibah)