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Wei Ouyang
13 Dec 2013 03:49
Great! And cool!
If the Speed multiplier can be input a user defined range will be more useful, and sometimes it will lost my configure(like invert axis).
Anyway, it's useful.

Microscope Remote

by Thomas Provoost

Move your XY Stage and Focus Device with your mouse.

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Microscope Remote is the best remote ever designed for a microscope. Move with speed and accuracy in X, Y and Z axes.

GUI Description

Icy - Micro Manager - Remote

  1. Move your XY Stage with your mouse inside this area. It works the same way as a remote stick.
  2. Move your Z Stage with your mouse inside this area. Turn the wheel up or down to change your focus.
  3. Speed multiplier: increase or decrease your speed with this slider
  4. Memory Buttons: use them to remember the current position. Long press (nearly 3 seconds) to memorize the position, use Ctrl + click to reset the button. When a position is memorized, the button color changes.
  5. You camera is oriented differently ? Invert the axes so it is easier to move the stage.
  6. Current position is always shown.