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Microscope Snapper (deprecated)

by Thomas Provoost

Snap complex images easily.

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Snapping does not necessarily mean one image at a time. Powerful acquisition does not necessarily mean a complex set-up.

With Microscope snapper, you will be able to simply acquire complex images without using extremly complex tools. If you need to capture a stack of images, change your filter block, and capture another stack to another color, it is done with only 4 clicks. 

Furthermore, thanks to its lock system, you will be able to snap images into your sequence without even have it focused.

Icy - Micro Manager - Snapper

  1. Those buttons are the most important part of the plugin. By order, they mean:
    1. Create and Snap: snap an image to a new sequence from the parameters above
    2. Snap and Add: snap to the actual or locked sequence according the parameters above
    3. Lock/ Unlock: lock the focused sequence. From this moment, every time you will click on the "snap and add" button, your captures will be added to the locked sequence. To unlock the sequence, click again. This feature will prevent you from snapping images to the wrong sequence by mistake.
  2. Choose the dimension in which you want to add your snapped images.
  3. When creating a sequence, snapping to T or C, you are able to snap slices. Select the number of slices you want, and the interval between each slice.
  4. Decide how you want to snap the slices (only available when more than 1 slice selected). Move the bar up to snap images under the actual position, move it down to snap images above actual positions. The number of images taken above and below are always displayed.