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Microscopy Blocks (deprecated)

by Thomas Provoost

Deprecated ! Use the new Micro-Manager blocks plugin.

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This plugin brings a lot of different blocks for the plugin Blocks. Be advised, before using those microscopy blocks, you should always have Micro-Manager for Icy running. If not, you may experience issues.

Microscopy Block list (a bit outdated):

  • Capture:
    • Snap Image: capture a single image
  • Settings:
    • PositionsList: the button Open will bring the Position List Dialog to choose the different positions.
    • Shutter Open Close: choose if you want to open or close a shutter
    • Change Setting Microscope: switch to a specified channel. Be careful, the input is a channel, not an array of channels, you may need an indexer if you want a specific channel or use an ArrayLoop.
  • Stage:
    • Stage Mover: go to a specific position. The input is not an array as in PositionsList, remember to use an Indexer or an ArrayLoop.
    • XY Position: go to a specified X / Y position, relative or absolute
    • Z position: go to a specified Z position, relative or absolute