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by Ferreol Soulez

MitivDeconvolution is a deconvolution tool for widefield fluorescence microscopy that require the knowledge of the PSF.

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Warning: The memory needed to do the deconvolution may be (for now) high:
 the memory needed is 20 times the size of the input data:

Memory Needed = sizeX(input)*sizeY(input)*sizeZ(input)*8*20

Example: for an image 512*512*128, you will need about 5Go in ram. But it does not count the memory needed for Icy, loading images, etc

Due to Java limitations, the maximum allowed size is 2^31 voxels or pixels for the input image (including any zero padding). For instance, this limit corresponds to a cube of 2048*2048*512 voxels.

The full documentation is available here:

The source code is here:

For any suggestion or bug report: