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Opera Importer

by Alexandre Dufour

Import data from the Opera high-content screening system straight into Icy

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NOTE: this plug-in is in early stages of development and will improve over time. Feedback is highly welcome via the user forum

This plug-in allows Icy to import screening data sets acquired on the Opera system (ex-Evotec, now produced and sold by PerkinElmer). Eventually, this plug-in could be used to recognise other well-plate imaging systems.

In its current state, the plugin lets you select a folder containing the plate data and will:

  1. Detect the plate / experiment name, the plate number, and the channel colors (based on wavelength)
  2. Allow you to load either one or all wells at once
  3. Open a viewer containing the plate layout, where grayed wells contain image data
  4. When clicking on each well, all the images in this well (i.e. the positions) are loaded into a unique time sequence

Below is a (live) TODO list of the features implemented (or to come):

  • [DONE]  Recognize the wellplate name and shape (i.e. number of wells)
  • [DONE]  Read metadata: 2D resolution
  • [DONE]  Read metadata: fluorescence wavelengths
  • [DONE]  Read image data: FLEX 2D
  • [DONE]  Read image data: FLEX 3D
  • [DONE]  Display well-plate on screen
  • ---
  • [TODO]  Read image data: TIFF (exported from FLEX by 3rd party software)
  • [TODO]  Display well positions on the upper-right-hand well diagram
  • [TODO]  Read image data: FLEX 2D + time
  • [TODO]  Read image data: FLEX 3D + time
  • [TODO]  Replace the plugin with an importer (enables drag'n'drop of the plate folder inside Icy)
  • [TODO]  Read metadata from other imaging systems

How to use this plugin

  1. Select the folder containing the plate image files (e.g. Meas_xx). Warning: do not select a folder containing multiple plates, this will not work.
  2. Click the "Run" button at the bottom of the interface to show the plate viewer
  3. Click on any grayed well to load the images contained inside the well (NB: multiple fields will be loaded as a single, timelapse sequence)