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Point In ROI

by Joel Rogers

Takes either a workbook of co-ordinates, or a ROI array as an input to generate 2D or 3D points. These points are then classed according to a second set of input ROIs ("large ROIs") to produce a workbook as an output.

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Tag: roi


This plugin expects an input workbook of either 2 or 3 columns for 2D or 3D ROIs, respectively. This fits the output of the 'ROI Statistics' plugin (with one header row). Alternatively, if using input ROIs to generate the points, the plugin will calculate the mass centre of each ROI to generate points of the correct dimension. When reading the coordinates, this plugin will skip some rows - the number of 'head rows' specified by the user.

The output workbook contains the sequence name followed by the co-ordinates of the 'large ROI' as a one-line header, with separate ROIs printed to different sheets within the workbook. This is suitable for batch processing of sequences.