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Python Extractor

by Timothée Lecomte

Extracts Python files stored in plugins so that they can be used in Icy.

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This plugin is responsible for walking though the plugins loaded by Icy, and extracting the Python files stored in them.

To ship Python files, a plugin must contain a class that extends icy.plugin.abstract_.Plugin, and this class must be annotated with plugins.tlecomte.pythonExtractor.PythonLibraries.

The Python files needs to be located in a directory called "PythonLibs". All the files in this directory will be extracted to the Python "Lib" directory of Icy. The recommended way of installing Python modules, no matter what interpreter you use, is to put them in the "Lib/site-packages" directory.

For example, if we want to ship a module called "", it must be placed in "PythonLibs/site-packages/". Then the PythonLibs directory must be included in the plugin jar, together with a Java classextending Plugin as described above.