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Rigid registration

by Pasteur

A simple tool to correct chromatic shifts as well as temporal drift (including translations and rotations), based on spectral correlation.

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This plug-in performs rigid registration (translation and rotation) between images using a basic cross-correlation technique.


Simple mode: calculates and corrects translation and rotation artefacts with respect to a specified reference channel (for chromatic correction) or time point (for drift correction).

Advanced mode: calculates the transform between two images, and apply the transform to a third dataset (useful when using e.g. beads as fiducial markers to calibrate an imaging system). This mode is currently limited to chromatic correction.

How this works

Given two images, translation artefacts are calculated by cross-correlating of the modulus or their frequency spectra (obtained via the Fast Fourier Transform), while rotation artefacts are calculated by cross-correlating their Log-Polar Trasnform.

The full correction workflow comprises 3 sequential steps: translation, rotation, and a final translation.