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12 Nov 2014 15:26
February 2014
Very usefull but it would be great to chose the image we want to scale instead of scaling all pictures. The writing would be even smarter with white letters and black outline to stay away from the white square. IcyLyd

Update November, 9th, 2014
Changing the size and the color is very suitable when using different fluorescent colored pictures. The fact that the scale bar is now following the picture instead of the viewer is very cool and avoid exporting picture without scale. Thanks for this update!
Maya Olshina
07 Nov 2014 18:49
10 Jul 2014 15:14
I also wish I could format the scale bar: color, length, thickness, and remove the text. I wish I could also fix the scale shown (for example 50uM), and the size of the bar would change with the zoom.
Thanks a lot !
05 Jun 2014 14:24
I would like to be able to modify the scale bar and especially to remove text (eg. 10.0 um) from above it.

Scale Bar

by Thomas Provoost

Displays a scale bar overlay on the sequence. Be advised, this plugin needs correct Metadata on the sequence to be effective or it will display wrong values.

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This plugin displays a scale bar overlay on the sequence in most 2D viewers, with the following options:

  • Color
  • Size (manual & automatic)
  • Location (choose from the 4 image corners)
  • Show / Hide a text with the scale bar's size

These options are accessible within the "Layers" section of the inspector, and via the script editor.

Important notes:

  • This plugin calculates the size of the scale bar based on the pixel size stored in the image metadata. Please make sure that the pixel size is correct, otherwise the scale bar may not be calibrated.
  • This plugin is a "startup" plugin, which means it runs in the background of Icy and will automatically add a scale bar on any opened sequence, as long as the plugin is "active". Here are two ways to adjust its behaviour:
    • To hide the scale bar for a specific viewer, click on its "eye" icon on the "Layers" panel in the Inspector.
    • To hide all scale bars and prevent scale bars from appearing automatically, the plugin can be deactivated from the "Preferences > Startup plugins" menu, by unchecking the box next to "Scale Bar" and clicking on "Apply" or "Ok".
  • Note regarding screenshots: Icy's screenshot feature will imprint all layers (including the scale bar) onto a final image that is then displayed in a new viewer. In theory, this new viewer containing the screenshot should also receive a scale bar of its own, which may be quite confusing for the user. Therefore, by default, screenshot viewers will automatically hide this extra scale bar (it can still be made visible by clicking on its "eye" icon in the layers panel).