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01 May 2017 18:12
I tried to use the convert stack block but it seems to be missing. It would be great to have it.
Judite Costa
19 Jun 2015 18:12
I tried to use this to concatinate two sequences together, but this block is missing. It would be great to have this function available.
Students from the Biomedical Imaging Group (Julien Jacquemot & Clément Marti)
29 Oct 2013 16:33
very useful, should be installed by default with protocol

Sequence Blocks

by Thomas Provoost

This plugin allows one to use various basic sequence operations within Blocks.

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This plugin contains the following Blocks : 

  • Conversion:
    • Convert Stack: Convert all slices to time or vice-versa
    • Convert Type: Convert the type of the sequence to another type
  • Creation:
    • Create Sequence: create a sequence from nothing or from an image
    • Duplicate Sequence: duplicate input sequence
    • Combine Channels: combine two channels from two sequence (possibly the same). For more than 2 channels, you will have to use more “Combine Channels” blocks
  • Extraction:
    • Extract Channel: extract a channel from the sequence as a new sequence
    • Extract Multi Channels: extract one or more channels from the sequence, as a new sequence. To extract multiple channels, please use spaced numbers or an Array Input of numbers
    • Extract Stack: extract a whole stack at a specified time position
    • Extract Time: extract the whole time for a specified stack position
    • Crop Sequence: crop a new sequence from the input sequence. The area of the crop is defined by a ROI
  • Images:
    • Add Image: add the image into the sequence in the last T position after the last Z
    • Remove Image: remove an image at the specified Z and T position
    • Get Image: get an image from the input sequence at the specified Z and T position
    • Set Image: set an input image in the input sequence at the specified Z and T position
    • As Image Array: the output is an Array of Images, containing all images in the sequence.
  • Infos:
    • Get Metadata: uses a sequence as input, and output all metadata, such as Sequence Name and resolution (1)
    • Set Name: changes the name of the sequence
    • Set Resolution: changes the resolution of the ratio: pixel per millimeter, on X / Y / Z axes.
    • Dimensions: get all the dimensions of the input sequence: width / height / nb channels / nb stacks / nb time positions
  • Files:
    • Load Sequence: load a sequence from the specified file
    • Save Sequence: saves the input sequence onto the disk at the specified location
    • Is File Valid: tests if the given file has a good extension
(1) Pixel Size represents the size of a pixel in millimeters.