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Fabrice de Chaumont
14 Nov 2013 17:16
Very well documented ! Good idea to put the full presentation !
It's impressive to see how impossible it is to distinguish clusters by eye. Good to have this quantification !

Spatial Analysis

by Thibault Lagache

This plugin uses the Ripley's K function to analyze robustly the spatial organization of molecules.

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This plugin allows the statistical analysis of the spatial distributions of molecules in one or several field of views (ROIs).

It is based on the Ripley's K function which counts the number of pairs of points that are closer than a parameter r. Comparing the values of the K function to its critical quantiles under spatial randomness then allows to assess statistically the presence of clusters (K(r)>quantile at level (1-alpha)) or dispersion (K(r)< quantile at level alpha) (see scheme below)

How to use the plugin in detail:

The methodology is detailed in the article

-T. Lagache, G. Lang, N. Sauvonnet and J.-C. Olivo-Marin Analysis of the spatial organization of molecules with robust statistics. PLoS ONE (Accepted, 2013).

A PPT presentation of the article is shown hereafter: