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26 Apr 2013 10:46
Fabrice de Chaumont
26 Feb 2013 15:46
Amazing !!

Stereo Viewer

by Ricard Delgado-Gonzalo

This is an icy plug-in that implements a stereo vision system. Renders 3D stacks simulating a dual view camera. Each 3D view is rendered in fullscreen in a different monitor.

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This plug-in allows users with 3D visualization systems based on polarised dual projectors to render any volumetric image supported by Icy. Stereo Viewer renders two separate views on two diffreent displays. Each view corresponds to a 3D rendering of a particular eye (left/right) using a single focus point model. 


Dual projection 3D setup


The plug-in relies on VTK for the image rendering, and suports all standard mouse interactions.



The control of the viewpoint is mainy handled with mouse interactions. These behaviour of these interactions are the same than the standard 3D Icy viewer. Moreover, Stereo Viewer implements some keyboard actions to refine some parameters of the dual view 3D rendering model.

  • 'q' - Quits the full screen views.
  • 'u' - Increases the separation between the eyes.
  • 'd' - Decreases the separation between the eyes.
  • 'b' - Changes the background color (white/black).
  • 'i' - Swaps the position of the eyes.