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29 Jun 2016 14:13
Hi, is this plugin available as a block module in protocols?
22 Aug 2014 16:27
I just noticed that the Speed Profiler is gone, will it be available again?

This plugin is great and I am grateful for it and for Icy being freely available!
Nicolas Chenouard
06 Jun 2014 06:39
Super useful plugin. I like the visualization tools and the possibility to easily add my own processors for analysis and display.
11 Jun 2013 23:14
Useful, but is it possible to export the polar instant speed vector values to Excel

Track Manager

by Fabrice de Chaumont

The track manager enables the use of DSP-like trackProcessors. This can affect the display of tracks, selection in time or by ROIs, and also compute some views like the overlaid and animated local flow graph, polar graph.

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The track manager is divided in two main area:

  • The left view is a graphical representation of the tracks. Each line correspond to a distinct track and each quad symbolize one single detection. The red vertical bar displays the current time point, and can be dragged to navigate in time. Clicking on a track select/unselect it.
  • The right view is composed as follow:
    1. The display result on sequence combo box let you choose on which sequence the final display of tracks should be overlapped.
    2. The Track pool selector are container of tracks. You can select which group of track you wish to enable for this track manager. (You can use as many trackmanager as needed, and set specific processors for each of them.)
    3. The track processor rack is the core of the track manager: by using the combo box you can choose to add any track processor in the rack. The processor will then be fed by the selected track pool, and will process in real time the tracks. The processors can filter track, alter them, clip, remove, sort, add a specific overlay, compute speed, MSD, export to files... their is no real limitation since processors are also plugins. You can add several processors to a rack, each processor will be processed in the vertical order, from top to bottom, and each output of a track processor will be used as the input of the next. The first processor will always be fed with the initial track set.



Here are some example of what the track manager can perform thanks to the processors:

On the left hand side: the original sequence of images generated by the Particle tracking benchmark generator. On the right: the image with the default view of tracks. Each white dot is a detection. Track are represented in blue. Clicking on a track (close to a detection) select/unselect it. Once selected, a white thick background is displayed behind the track. The display is a layer, so you can set the transparency of the rendering by using the layer menu.

Those image illustrates some processors effects: The left image contains two regions of interest. The ROIGate processor allow to display and analyse only the one having at least one detection into the ROIs. The second image represents a flow view of the tracks: The flow processor creates an overlay display of arrows summarizing the local direction and speed of tracks.

The track manager also deals with sub-pixelic accuracy of tracks.The display of the tracks and its thickness automatically adapt with the current magnification of the viewer.

Track links:

You can create links between track by dragging the cursor from one detection to another. TrackManager will create virtual tracks if the detection are not consecutive in time.

To remove a track link, just perform the same action as if you were creating one.

Track split:

To split a track, just drag from one detection of a track to the next detection.