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30 Nov 2014 19:16
Just learned today of its existence, I quickly used it with some of my data and I am thankful to Lydia for bringing it to my attention.
29 Nov 2014 17:57
Very nice display. Parameters to control spheres and tube size are simple. The rendering is fast even when zooming on very long tracks. The combination with motion profiler and 3D viewer is just smart. :)
Fabrice de Chaumont
20 Nov 2014 09:14
Very cool !

This plugin is a very good complement to the track manager !

Track Painter

by Alexandre Dufour

Track Manager plugin that displays available tracks on the selected sequence, in both 2D and 3D viewers, with various visualisation options. Tracks never looked so good!

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This plugin is built for the Track Manager to display tracks on the selected sequence. It is an alternative to the default display provided by the Track Manager, with the following modifications & additions:

  • On all viewers:
    • Detections can be shown / hidden
    • Tracks can be shown / hidden
  • On 2D viewers:
    • Individual detections are displayed as white squares instead of circles => faster rendering
    • A Level-Of-Detail (LOD) system automatically simplifies/details tracks as you zoom out/in => faster rendering, and track colours become much easier to see when zooming out
  • On 3D viewers:
    • Detections are displayed as spheres with adjustable radius (in microns)
    • Tracks can be displayed as single-pixel-wide lines
    • Tracks can be displayed as 3D tubes with adjustable radius (in microns) and number of sides for the tube section (minimum 3 for a triangular section, 6 recommended, higher = slower display)
    • Tracks can be smoothed using spline interpolation (1 = straight lines or tubes, 3 recommended, higher = slower display)

NOTE: although this plug-in is listed among the list of other track filters, it does not technically behave like a filter: it's position in the rack with respect to other filters will not have any effect on the final display.