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11 Feb 2015 14:53
Would it be possible to allow users to color code their trajectories as they want and not in a random way? I mean, is it possible to add more flexibility for the choice of color code? Otherwise, this is a really nice one!
21 Mar 2014 13:28
Love this plugin, I use it often and I am very grateful to you for adding the TrackMate import function! I was wondering if it would be too time consuming to allow the user to edit the tracks, right now I would like to color the tracks by group with specific colors, i.e. GFP=green and RFP=red. Even more helpful it would be if the user could also edit the nodes/spots, change size, fill, transparency etc. But will continue to use it even if this is not possible. Thank you!

Track Processor Color

by Fabrice de Chaumont

Track Processor to color tracks in the Track Manager

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