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Track Processor Filtered ROIs

by M. Fantham

This plugin was written to address a request from our lab. We had a t-stack of mitochondria, some of which were moving across the image.
To highlight the moving mitochondria for a presentation, the biologist wanted circles drawn around them.
This plugin works well when added in TrackManager after the Motion Profiler plugin.

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Example Usage

1. Detect spots in the Spot Detector plugin.

2. Run the Spot Tracking plugin, and view your results in Track Manager.

3. Add a Motion Profiler (track processor) to filter out unwanted tracks. 

4. Add "Track Processor Filtered ROIs" below Motion Profiler.

  • This adds circular ROIs around the moving objects in your filtered tracks. 


Q: Can I change the size and color of the circles?

A: This will be fully supported in a future release. For now, you can select all the ROIs in the ROI panel (Ctrl+A/Command+A) and click on the color to change it. 

Q: The Track Manager tracks are obscuring my moving objects! Can I hide them?

A: Yes, go to the Layers panel and search for "Overlay Layer". Click on the eye to hide the overlay layer containing the tracks.