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Tracking Performance Measures

by Nicolas Chenouard

TrackProcessor for the TrackManager plugin that allows computing several measures of tracking performance.
It proceeds by computing optimal pairs between a set of reference tracks and a set of candidate tracks. Several measures are provided based on the pairing.
Color coding of the tracks is used for illustrating the different types of pairs.

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This plugin allows computing performance measures for tracking methods. Two sets of tracjectories (TrackSegment objects in the SwimmingPool of Icy) are compared based on an exhaustive set of measures. For acomplete description of tracking measures and examples, please refer to the supplementary information of the following article: from page 94 to page 107. Please contact me ( in case you cannot access the supplementary information.

The software is a specialized plugin for the TrackMager plugin that ships useful features for trajectory display, analysis and manipulation. Make sure that the TrackManager plugin is installed before attempting to use the software. The performance measure plugin can then be started from the TrackManager interface by selecting it in the TrackProcessor list.

By using this plugin, you explicitly agree to properly reference the following article in any of your scientific communications exploiting it:

Objective Comparison of Particle Tracking Methods

N. Chenouard, I. Smal, F. de Chaumont, M. Maška, I. F. Sbalzarini, Y. Gong, J. Cardinale, C. Carthel, S. Coraluppi, M. Winter, A. R. Cohen, W. J. Godinez, K. Rohr, Y. Kalaidzidis, L. Liang, J. Duncan, H. Shen, Y. Xu, K. E. G. Magnusson, J. Jaldén, H. M. Blau, P. Paul-Gilloteaux, P. Roudot, C. Kervrann, F. Waharte, J. Y. Tinevez, S. L. Shorte, J. Willemse, K. Celler, G. P. van Wezel, H. W. Dan, Y. S. Tsai, C. Ortiz de Solórzano, J. C. Olivo-Marin, E. Meijering

Nature Methods, vol. 11, no. 3, March 2014, pp. 281-289

Thank you!

Nicolas Chenouard