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05 Mar 2015 17:29
Thanks for the pluggin. Indeed very useful to create a tutorial. However, is there an option to save the video in a more compressed format ? Because the few seconds I record end-up into a gigantic file. Maybe save them as PNG or JPEG instead of RGB ? And another interesting feature would be to display on the screen where the recorded pictures fit. I use a wide screen and the border is not imaged. So I need to tighten everything on the left end of my screen. In any case, thanks for this already convenient tool.

Video Recorder

by Thomas Provoost

Record what you are doing on a sequence as a .avi file, fully compatible with Icy.

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  1. Choose what you want to record:
    1. The whole screen
    2. The current sequence
  2. Adjust the number of frames per second:
    1. A video is supposed to be at 24 FPS
    2. A fewer number will miss some points
    3. may not be accurate, depending on hardware
  3. Hit the Record Button
  4. Choose the file you want
  5. The recording starts after 3 seconds, do what you want to record
  6. Press the Stop button when you are done.
  7. The plugin will display a progress frame during the recording and the saving