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13 Apr 2013 21:37
So great, I really like to have my own Icy space ! I would add the 5th star if we could change the order of the tabs from left to right... ;o)
Yoann Le Montagner
05 Mar 2013 15:58
Very useful, however it would be nice to have the workspace refreshed without restarting the application... (I know this is not so easy to implement ! ;-) )
Fabrice de Chaumont
26 Feb 2013 15:56
Very nice work !
07 Aug 2012 14:19
Thank you for this useful tool !
((FYI, I have detected that accen are not allowed in the workspace name.))

Workspace Editor

by Thomas Provoost

Edit the workspaces with a simple drag'n drop system (Requires Icy 1.2 at least).

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Tags: gui - tools - workspace



In Icy, workspaces are not dynamic, you will have to restart Icy to see all your changes. 

To enable a workspace, please go to: Menu > Preferences > Workspace > Local Workspace and check the box. When validating, you will be ask to restart Icy.


This is the GUI of the Workspace Editor:

  1. On the left, all the currently installed plugins. 
  2. On the right, all the workspaces, chosable by a combo box. 
  3. Each band of the selected workspace appears as a separated panel. 
  4. You have the possibility to display or not the plugins contained in each band by clicking on the band name.

Create a workspace

  1. In order to create the workspace, please click on the button: .
  2. The following box appears, enter the workspace name and hit "OK":
  3.  The workspace is created, but is empty:

Create bands

The workspace is organized by bands, each one containing plugins. Some plugins may be in different bands.

  1. In order to create a new band, please click on the button: .
  2. Enter the band name: 
  3. The band is created in the workspace: 

Add plugins into bands

Workspace Editor supports a very simple drag'n drop feature to add plugins into bands. Just drag the plugin from the right to the band you want, and it will be added.
The result is this: 
On the right of the plugin, you can notice a button:  or . This corresponds to the size the plugin will have in the band: "S" for small, "M" for medium and "L" for large. To change the size, simply click on the button.
In the previous image, the "Active Contours" plugin will be the biggest possible.
Note: you can choose multiple plugins by clicking on them with "Ctrl" button pressed.

Remove items

Remove a workspace

In order to remove a workspace, choose it in the combo box, and simply click on the  button. Be careful, this operation cannot be undone.

Remove a band

Removing a band can be done by selecting a band and click on the  button or by right clicking with you mouse and select "Remove Band" in the popup menu. Be careful, this operation cannot be undone. 

Remove a plugin from a band

Remove a plugin from its band by right clicking on it, and select "Remove Plugin from Band".