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Fabrice de Chaumont
20 Nov 2014 09:16
Thank you for dealing with this topic !

Xuggler Video Importer

by Stephane Dallongeville

This plugin allows Icy to open many different video file format using the Xuggler library.

Here is an incomplete list of supported video formats :
3g2 3GP2 format
3gp 3GP format
4xm 4X Technologies format
IFF IFF format
ISS Funcom ISS format
MTV MTV format
aac raw ADTS AAC
ac3 raw AC-3
amr 3GPP AMR file format
asf ASF format
avi AVI format
avm2 Flash 9 (AVM2) format
dts raw DTS
dv DV video format
dvd MPEG-2 PS format (DVD VOB)
ffm FFM (FFserver live feed) format
flac raw FLAC
flv FLV format
gif GIF Animation
gsm raw GSM
gxf GXF format
h261 raw H.261
h263 raw H.263
h264 raw H.264 video format
iv8 A format generated by IndigoVision 8000 video server
lxf VR native stream format (LXF)
m4v raw MPEG-4 video format
mjpeg raw MJPEG video
mov MOV format
mp4 MP4 format
mpeg MPEG-1 System format
mpjpeg MIME multipart JPEG format
mvi Motion Pixels MVI format
mxf Material eXchange Format
nsv Nullsoft Streaming Video
rm RealMedia format
smk Smacker video
swf Flash format
vc1 raw VC-1
vcd MPEG-1 System format (VCD)
vmd Sierra VMD format
vob MPEG-2 PS format (VOB)
wtv Windows Television (WTV)

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Tags: video - import


The plugin install a new Importer (type = SequenceFileImporter) so it is available directly through the classic "Open" menu command.

For developer, you can directly instanciate it by doing:

VideoImporter importer = new VideoImporter();

or by quering compatible importer from the loader :

impoter = getSequenceFileImporter(filename, false);

Then use the standard Importer interface methods.