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Vlad Costache
03 Dec 2014 13:32
very nice and fast tool for choosing the best z slice (one or several z) on your hyperstack. I think it would be usefull to be able to choose the t timepoints that you want and not be obliged to choose all the t points. Maybe a notification on the screen if you don't choose all the t points in the hyperstack can be sufficient, so you're sure not to have missed some.
thank you
Scott Curran
24 Jun 2014 16:06
It's an excellent tool if only 1 slice is needed at each time point.

Will it be possible in the future to select more than one slice per timepoint, and make an intensity projection for each timepoint? This will be useful where the sample is at an angle and focus is spread over several Z-slices.
Fabrice de Chaumont
03 Jun 2014 16:17
Very effective, designed for expert choosing the correct images in stacks to extract a 2D+t sequence

Z Explorer

by Christian rouviere

Manually explore 4D sequence to find the best z of interest, and construct the result sequence.

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Z explorer

This plugin let you choose manually the best interest plane in a 4D sequence.

Arrow keys to move in t/z

Space to select z in the current t . Note that moving to the next t will automaticaly select the last z.

Enter to rendering the sequence (do not forget to select the last z image by pressing the Space bar)