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Spot detector detects and counts spots. – Detects spots in noisy images 2D/3D. – Depending on objective, spo [..]

Created on: 09 Feb 2011
17 reviews
Modified: 04 Jun 2019

Design your own quantification protocol, visually. No programming required! Protocols can be shared and re-used straight from the Icy website.

Created on: 22 Jun 2012
9 reviews
Modified: 22 Jul 2019

Intensity projection along depth or time with multiple algorithms: mean, max, median, variance, standard deviation, satu [..]

Created on: 20 Jul 2011
7 reviews
Modified: 24 Oct 2019

Extract image features based on one or more intensity thresholds, and output the result as a labeled image or as a region of interest.

Created on: 29 Apr 2011
4 reviews
Modified: 11 Feb 2016

Track manager plug-in measuring motion statistics in 2D/3D, including min/max/avg/total displacement (absolute & relativ [..]

Created on: 08 Aug 2012
4 reviews
Modified: 27 Jul 2018

The swiss army knife of plugin developers. Automatically generates elegant graphical interfaces with rich and intuitive [..]

Created on: 21 Jan 2011
3 reviews
Modified: 25 Jun 2019

This plugin extracts groups of connected pixels in 2D and 3D based on their intensity and that of the background. Works [..]

Created on: 25 Jan 2011
3 reviews
Modified: 10 Dec 2015

Ads a magnifier on top of the default 2D viewer to zoom in and inspect individual pixel values

Created on: 22 Oct 2012
3 reviews
Modified: 22 Jun 2016

Manually explore 4D sequence to find the best z of interest, and construct the result sequence.

Created on: 21 May 2014
3 reviews
Modified: 03 Jul 2019

This plugin reloads all plugins without restarting Icy. It is especially useful when changes are happening in the code o [..]

Created on: 22 Jul 2014
3 reviews
Modified: 05 May 2015

Track Manager plugin that displays available tracks on the selected sequence, in both 2D and 3D viewers, with various vi [..]

Created on: 16 Oct 2014
3 reviews
Modified: 25 Sep 2018

The plug-in is developed using a segmentation algorithm based on the Potts model. The user can segment an image, merge t [..]

Created on: 11 Oct 2015
3 reviews
Modified: 22 Nov 2019

This is an icy plug-in that implements a stereo vision system. Renders 3D stacks simulating a dual view camera. Each 3D [..]

Created on: 26 Jan 2012
2 reviews
Modified: 15 May 2013

Compute and display the histogram of a sequence, with a more accurate control on the histogram parameters (such as the n [..]

Created on: 10 Sep 2012
2 reviews
Modified: 28 Jan 2013

Low-level functions for interactive communication between Icy and Matlab. To use this plugin, you have to configure y [..]

Created on: 12 Oct 2012
2 reviews
Modified: 12 Feb 2013