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Math Operation Two Sequences

by tprovoost / Thomas Provoost

This script shows how to use the Math Operation on two sequences, with a more advanced formula.

version 1 (last version):

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// get the sequence
if (gui.getSequences().size() < 2)
	throw "Please open two sequences first"

seq = gui.getSequences().get(0)
seq2 = gui.getSequences().get(1)

// create the expression
formula = "a + 2 * min(b, 10)"

// The Functor parses the formula, 
// and apply() assigns its arguments to the variables of the formula.
// Ex : Here, seq is assigned to "a" and seq2 is assigned to "b"
seqRes = Functor2.parse(formula).apply(seq, seq2)


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Icy script publication Id : E7R1W2