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Icy has been created by the Quantitative Image Analysis Unit
at Institut Pasteur (
Icy is free and open source, using GPLv3. Copyright 2011 Institut Pasteur.
Source code is available and provided in each application download.

Icy's kernel architecture and code:

Fabrice de Chaumont and Stephane Dallongeville

Icy's website graphic design

Marcio de Moraes Marim

Icy's website code

Fabrice de Chaumont

EzPlug and Protocols

Alexandre Dufour


Thomas Provoost and Timothée Lecomte

MicroManager for Icy

Thomas Provoost

Head of unit:

Jean-Christophe Olivo-Marin

Many thanks to beta testers and contributors:

Nicolas Chenouard
Alexandre Dufour
Nicolas Hervé
Vannary Meas-Yedid
François Orieux
Sorin Pop

Libraries integrated within Icy

LOCI-BioFormat - VTK - Substance - Flamingo - Flanagan - Jama - JFreeChart - JMF - JTransforms - JXL - JEval - Phys2D - SwingX - Xuggler

Libraries/tools integrated within the Icy website

phpBB - TinyMCE

Development tool for profiling/debugging

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