var total_items = 82;

Convert ROI(s) to labeled image. This script basically iterate over all the ROIs of the current active image and will p [..]

Created on: 19 Jul 2018
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Modified: 19 Jul 2018

This small script export all contained pixel (position and value) into a CSV file. Warning: this script may require a lot of memory to run !

Created on: 21 Nov 2017
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Modified: 26 Jun 2018

A small script to synchronize all LUT (color map and histogram) all of opened images from the current active view.

Created on: 04 Apr 2017
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Modified: 04 Apr 2017

Take an input folder containing several XLS files and merge them together while adding a new column containing XLS file name (presumably image name).

Created on: 27 Jun 2016
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Modified: 28 Jun 2016

This script asks the user for an experiment folder produced by Axiovision and will create a multi-channel tiff file from the separate channel files.

Created on: 29 Jan 2016
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Modified: 29 Jan 2016

This script, measures the Mean Intensity in each ROIs in a GrayScale. you Must Open a picture file, select your ROIs, s [..]

Created on: 25 Sep 2014
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Modified: 25 Sep 2014

This script will convert each sequence in a .lei/.lif file in individual Tif file. Convert sequences are recorded in the same directory under /result

Created on: 22 May 2014
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Modified: 22 May 2014

This script exports the ROI infos to an excel file. Here we just show it as an example for min, mean and max intensity for each ROI.

Created on: 19 Feb 2014
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Modified: 19 Feb 2014