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Perrine Paul-Gilloteaux
17 Nov 2013 21:23
Nice plugin and easy to use, allowing to downlad available images from FlikR, either randomly or by tag search. Some minimal help for the meaning of advanced query would be welcome. Other comment:the error is catched and displayed and no bug reports can be sent (for example advanced searched not working anymore, changes in API). Anyway to remove the calibration when there is no calibration in ICY? (here by default set to 1um)
Fabrice de Chaumont
26 Feb 2013 18:43
Excellent !


by Nicolas Hervé

Grab random images from Flickr :

  • in recent uploads
  • in interestingness stream
  • from tags search

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Tag: flickr


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This plugins grabs random images from Flickr :

  • in recent uploads
  • in interestingness stream
  • using tags search

The plugin window is divided in three main areas. The first panel is dedicated to purely random search. You can specify whether you want to have images from the recent uploads or from the interestingness stream before clicking on the corresponding button. The second panel allows you to search images through the tags search engine. Enter your tags separated by spaces and click on the grab button. If you enter severall tags, the search will return images having all of them.

By default, each request will retrieve 100 images and display their thumbnails. If you prefer to have directly a single image opened in ICY, check the single box.

The last part of the main window displays log informations. You will find here the original Flickr URL of any image you opened in ICY.