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Fabrice de Chaumont
14 Oct 2013 17:20
One of the best plugin !
Should be used as the default browser :)
13 Apr 2013 22:10
So nice to browse my pictures inside Icy as if I was on my mac ... Hope the open box will allow that very soon.
Alexandre Dufour
21 Mar 2013 10:47
Slight interface freeze on *really* large folders, but definitely not a big issue.
20 Aug 2012 09:37
Thanks for the upgrade !
It works now with unsigned short format.
01 Jun 2012 16:18
Great Job!
Maybe you could add some filters on file name, etc...


by Nicolas Hervé

Browse files in directories with thumbnails view

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This plugin helps you to browse your directories with image thumbnails. It uses an internal cache to avoid the thumbnails computation each time a directory is displayed. It is highly recommended to keep the cache option enabled. If you find that the cache space used on your hard drive is too big, you can still clear it.

The filter field can be used to enter a regular expression that will display only the files with a name that matches it. The match is case insensitive and performed on the full file path (thus also including the directories, which is sometime very usefull when used in combination with the recursive mode). For more informations on regular expressions, please refer to this page. Here are some examples :

2012 files with 2012 in the name
png$ files with a png extension
2012(.*)png$ PNG files with 2012 in their names

On any thumbnail displayed, you can either :

  • left click : open the image in Icy
  • right click : open the image viewer that allows you to navigate quickly between the directory images with the mouse scroll

Take care when using the recursive mode, it may browse your full hard drive if launched from the root ! When activating this mode, you have to click on the refresh button.