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Instituto de Medicina Molecular, Lisboa
23 Jun 2015 10:34
You can't turn it off even after clicking the messagebox!!
Alexandre Dufour
24 Oct 2013 14:09
Great tool! Would be even nicer if there was a small options window (e.g. EzPlug like) to activate/deactivate, and export profile values in the console.


by Wei Ouyang

An useful and cool painter plugin which displays the intensity profile of a roi within a resizable rectangle ROI.

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Tag: chart


The IntensityInRectangle enables you to draw intensity profile just over the 2D canvas, it is yet another alternative to Intensity Profile and Chart1DCanvas. With this plugin, intensity profile of the current image is showed within a rectangle roi which can be placed anywhere on the canvas and can any size as you want.

IntensityInRectangle Example


  • Show any number of profiles simutaneously.
  • Distinguish roi pairs with different color.
  • Profile canvas can be resized and operated just like a rectangle roi
  • Update: Use a line to indicate current position, update in realtime


Just click the icon of this plugin and a line roi will be added, coupled with a rectangle which the profile shows in. Put the line roi over the image area you want and adjust the rectangle to fit the best view. Every operation is just like the original roi.

You can add more line roi as you want, new added roi will be colored with randomized color. And the line roi will get the same color with the corresponding rectangle roi.

To escape the affect of this plugin, you should click the icon of the plugin again. After you click it again, a announce messagebox showed up ask if you want to exit the plugin. And if you choose exit, another announce box will showed, you can click the "Remove" button to remove all the rois of the sequence.

Update: Point ROI and other ROI like rectangle are all supported, unlike the line ROI, profile will draw along the Z axis of these ROIs.