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Fabrice de Chaumont
04 Oct 2014 15:11
Love your plugin !


by Thibault Lagache

This plugin computes the Manders coefficients between ROIs in 2 sequences (Intensity and surface coefficients). A p value (probability of signal colocalization) is also computed with pixel scrambling.

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Before using this plugin, we recommend to read a general introduction to colocalization methods that can be found here.

This plugin computed the Manders coefficients (article)  between the signal intensities I1 and I2 in ROIs of two different sequences (2D, 1 channel). The ROIs correspond to "relevant" signal and can be obtained by denoising and/or thresholding the image (plugins Thresholder, Best Threshold ... ) or with more elaborated techniques such as wavelet based methods for spotty objects (plugin Spot Detector).

Then the plugin computes 4 Manders coefficients:

M1 = (I1 that colocalize spatially with I2)/(I1 total)

M2 = (I2 that colocalize spatially with I1)/(I2 total)

M1_surface = (surface (in pixels) of I1 that colocalize spatially with I2)/(I1 total surface)

M2_surface = (surface (in pixels) of I2 that colocalize spatially with I1)/(I2 total surface)

The associated p value computed with pixel scrambling (1=colocalization, 0=random signals) are also provided. We used the central limit theorem instead of Monte-Carlo simulations which induce high computational load.