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by Perrine Paul-Gilloteaux

Set of utilities for OpenImadis servers (download, upload, annotate, with block processing as well).

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The VM can be accessed from here :

It is hardly advised that you enable virtualization in your bios.

These plugins can also be used on any open imadis CID instance if you indicate the server name.

 A typical workflow uis:


using a token generating on the database for ICY CID interaction client for example on Curie Data Base.

Then you can use Protocols and blocks to construct your workflow, or work from plugins directly:

Typically: OpenImadis Search, Open ImadisDownload, do you processing, Open Imadis Annotate for uploading visual annotations (such as spots ) on the image on teh database, or Open Imadis Annotate field to add a field and associated velues (such as the result of a count performed by your workflow)


You need to download manually this library (clientapi.jar) and to save it under their ICY_HOME/plugins/perrine/openimadisutilities/