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by Pierre Weiss

This plugin allows visualizing the output of the structure tensor in 3D. A field of ellipsoids are displayed on a regular grid. This function can be used to analyze the geometrical configurations of cells/nuclei in 3D images. Additionnally, the user can specify an ROI to display ellipsoids only in a given region of space.

The plugin should be used with Java 7 or above since there are multi-threaded pieces of codes (JTransforms of Piotr Wendykier).

This plugin was developed mostly by Guillaume De Brito during an internship in 2015. It is maintained by Pierre Weiss.

In case you use this plugin for a publication, please cite:
Structure tensor based analysis of cells and nuclei organization in tissues.
W. Zhang, J. Fehrenbach, A. Desmaison, V. Lobjois, B. Ducommun, P. Weiss*, IEEE TMI (2015).

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