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by IcyLyd / IcyLyd

This protocol allows detecting spots using wavelet spots detector plugin.
It combines the wavelets spot detector for scale 2 and 3 and export the spots localization in a single ROI over the picture to visualize them on a single layer.

In contrast with the Spot detector scale 2 and 3 protocol-inBatch, this one create a parameters.txt file in the result folder containg the parameters used for the file batch analysis.

version 1 (last version):

Download to use and modify in Icy. How do I use protocols ? A Problem ? ask the community.
Changelog for this version: initial version


The SpotDetectorScale2and3-inBatch protocol has been collapsed for visualization.

Parameters that must be indicate dby the users are externalized, and appears in bloc #1 to #4.

The Javascript bloc #6 allows creation of a text file in a sub result folder containing all the parameters used:

Selected Folder

Selected channel

Sensitivity for scale 2

Sensitivity for scale 3



This protocol can be edited with another workflow, to generate a sub result folder and a parameters text file.

For more details see "SpotDetectorScale2and3" and "SpotDetectorScale2and3-inBatch" protocols.

Icy protocol publication Id : U1Y2Q9