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by tprovoost / Thomas Provoost

Perform a snapshot and save the result into the selected file.

version 1 (last version):

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Changelog for this version: initial version



 * In Icy, the snapshot feature is a part of the viewer, 
 * not the sequence. Indeed, the sequence is a container, 
 * only the viewer displays the image.

// get the viewer and test if exists.
viewer = gui.getFocusedViewer()
if (viewer == null) throw "No sequence opened"

// Get the rendered Image
img = viewer.getCanvas().getRenderedImage(viewer.getT(), viewer.getZ(), -1, false)
img = IcyBufferedImage.createFrom(img)

// Open a File Dialog for saving, and test if selected one.
file =
if (file == null) throw "No file selected"

// Check if the file has an extension. Add .png if not.
if (FileUtil.getFileExtension(file.getPath(), false) == "")
	file = new File(file.getAbsolutePath() + ".png")

Saver.saveImage(img, file, true)

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Icy script publication Id : R6I2L2