Library classes used by FPBioimage for upload to AWS

Created on: 18 Feb 2018
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Modified: 21 Feb 2018

Use this plugin to quickly format volumetric data to display online with FPBioimage.

Created on: 21 Mar 2017
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Modified: 01 Aug 2018

Based heavily on the RigidRegistration plugin from Alexandre Dufour, this plugin allows registration of images using man [..]

Created on: 03 Nov 2016
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Modified: 27 Jan 2017

An extension of the Colocalizer block by fab which adds an extra output, 'Colocalization distance' which gives the mean distance of colocalization.

Created on: 02 Aug 2016
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Modified: 05 Aug 2016

This plugin was written to address a request from our lab. We had a t-stack of mitochondria, some of which were moving a [..]

Created on: 09 Apr 2016
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Modified: 12 Apr 2016