Track Processor Filtered ROIs

Publication ID: ICY-X5D3J2

Short Description

This plugin was written to address a request from our lab. We had a t-stack of mitochondria, some of which were moving across the image. To highlight the moving mitochondria for a presentation, the biologist wanted circles drawn around them. This plugin works well when added in TrackManager after the Motion Profiler plugin.


Example Usage

1. Detect spots in the Spot Detector plugin.

2. Run the Spot Tracking plugin, and view your results in Track Manager.

3. Add a Motion Profiler (track processor) to filter out unwanted tracks. 

4. Add "Track Processor Filtered ROIs" below Motion Profiler.

  • This adds circular ROIs around the moving objects in your filtered tracks. 


Q: Can I change the size and color of the circles?

A: This will be fully supported in a future release. For now, you can select all the ROIs in the ROI panel (Ctrl+A/Command+A) and click on the color to change it. 

Q: The Track Manager tracks are obscuring my moving objects! Can I hide them?

A: Yes, go to the Layers panel and search for "Overlay Layer". Click on the eye to hide the overlay layer containing the tracks. 

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  • Version • Released on: 2016-04-12 21:03:18

    Added option to change size and change color of the ROIs.

  • Version • Released on: 2016-04-12 10:27:48

    Added compatibility for Java versions down to 1.6.

  • Version • Released on: 2016-04-09 12:23:41

    The plugin works, so I'm bringing it out of beta.
    Still have a few features I would like to add in the future..

  • Version • Released on: 2016-04-09 12:09:49

    Fixed build paths.

  • Version • Released on: 2016-04-09 11:54:54

    Initial release